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  • Community Education Program Study - Year Two (2015-16)

    A study of Community Education Services (CES) programming began in the fall 2014 and continued throughout the year resulting in the following outcomes:

    • Increased awareness and understanding of the fit and linkage of CES to the district’s strategic roadmap and Next Generation strategic plan
    • Development of a three-year department improvement plan and structure that aligns CES programs and services, design and delivery in a high quality, efficient and effective manner for both the department and the district
    • Development of clear and understandable measures and metrics of vision and success

    Throughout the 2014-15 year, a wide group of citizen, community, city staff, school district staff and community education staff researched, gathered data, collected input and developed key vision statements, key strategic shifts and recommendations for the CES Plan.

    As a result of this work, four recommendations were put forth to the School Board for discussion in August 2015, and approval in September 2015. 

    CES Program Recommendations