• Math Olympiads

  • Math Olympiads


    What is it?  

    A math enrichment opportunity for students interested in mathematics in grades 4 and 5. The students work together on problem solving strategies, do practice problems, and then complete individual competitions once a month.  

    Program Goals:

    • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics

    • To introduce important Mathematical concepts

    • To teach major strategies for problem solving

    • To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems

    • To strengthen Mathematical intuition

    • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity

    • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges


    Who should sign up?  

    Any student in grade 4 or 5 who would like an extra challenge in math is encouraged to join.  Attendance is required at all meetings.  Check your calendar to see if the times and dates work.

    Is Math Olympiad Right For My Child?  

    Math Olympiad is a fast paced opportunity designed for children who enjoy and need challenging material.  This program is designed for the highly skilled problem solver.  Math Olympiad Team members are children who are very accurate with numbers, not just math facts, but numbers related to problems requiring critical thinking skills. Questions on the tests can present a very difficult challenge. If your child not only enjoys math, but also likes to investigate math related problems on his/her own, then you might want to consider Math Olympiad.  Furthermore, as a Math Olympian, your child will have a chance to win team/individual awards!  

    Below are some sample questions from a previous Math Olympiad Test. Have your child try them out. If he/she feels successful, then Math Olympiads might be the right opportunity for him/her! (Parents please try not to help with this sheet. Students will receive guidance and strategies at practice sessions, but cannot be helped by an adult on the competition dates.)

    When is it?  

    Math Olympiads will meet about twice a month on Friday mornings from 7:45-8:30 a.m.  One date is a practice and the other is a competition date.  

     Practice and Competition Dates:


    Practice or Competition

    November 8


    November 22

    1st Math Olympiad Competition

    December 6


    December 13

    2nd Math Olympiad Competition

    January 24


    January 31

    3rd Math Olympiad Competition

    February 7


    February 21

    4th Math Olympiad Competition

    March 6


    THURSDAY, March 12

    5th Math Olympiad Competition

    How can I sign up?  

    Go to the following website and click on Math Olympiads then select Normandale (ND).  Space is limited!



    Questions?  Contact:

    Ally Dardis

    Math Teacher


    Olympiad 1

    1.  Time: 3 minutes

    What is the value of                                            123 + 123 + 123 + 123 + 123 +

                                                                                  123 + 123 + 123 + 123 + 123 +

                                                                                  123 + 123 + 123 + 123 + 123 +

                                                                                  123 + 123 + 123 + 123 + 123?

    2.  Time: 3 minutes

    If 82 + 18 + 83 + 17 + 84 + 16 + 85 + 15 + 71 + N = 500

    What is the value of the natural number N?

    3.  Time: 5 minutes

    Janine’s number has three digits. One digit is a prime number.

    Another digit is a square number. The other digit is neither

    prime nor square. Her number is NOT divisible by 3. What is

    the greatest possible value of Janine’s number?

    4.  Time: 5 minutes

    Pat reads one page of a certain novel every Monday, two pages every Tuesday, three pages every Wednesday, and so on up to seven pages every Sunday.  She reads every page exactly once and does not skip any days.  Suppose Pat starts reading page 1 on a Monday and reads pages in order.  On which day of the week does she read page 100?

    Ally Dardis
    GT Math Teacher