• Senior May Term

  • Senior May Term May 28 - June 4, 2019
    Presentation: June 4, 2019 from 1:00pm - 3:00pm

    The Senior May Term experience allows students to create and drive their personal learning outside the walls of Edina High School for the last six days of school. Students utilize their critical thinking skills to connect their interest with two of the three areas of content; academic, community service, and/or career. Moreover, all projects will be guided by a leading question developed to enhance our society.

    Every senior has an excellent opportunity to participate by communicating their Senior May Term objectives through a thoughtfully detailed application, which is due February 28th. Additionally, the Senior May Term Committee will review all applicants and email student their status of approved, pending (2nd chance) or denied. Lastly, the Senior May Term Adviser, Nikki Plafcan will assist students in developing their experience, finding a mentor, completing the application, through your Senior May Term presentation, please connect through an email, nicole.plafcan@edinaschools.org  or by phone 952-848-8326 (internal use only), 952-848-3184 (voicemail).

    Benefits of Senior May Term

    • Personalized learning
    • Enhance critical thinking skills
    • Learn to connect academics with service and/or career
    • Work independently
    • Develop problem solving skills
    • Engage in complex challenging task
    • Generation of knowledge, reflection and creation of product

    Senior May Term Process

    • Idea
    • Connect with a mentor and adviser
    • Complete application
    • Senior May Term committee review
    • Application approval, pending, or denied
    • Travel and transportation forms
    • Digital portfolios
    • Experience May 28th - June 4th
    • Presentations June 4th from 1:00pm - 3:00pm




  • Senior May Term Advisor
    Nikki Plafcan



  • November 8th
    SMT Overview and Application roll out

    February 28th

    March 7th
    Pending application returned

    March 28th
    Pending Applications due

    May 2nd
    Digital Portfolios due

    May 28th
    SMT Begins

    June 4th
    SMT End & Presentations