• 6th Grade Reading

    The amount of time a student spends reading independently is directly related to his/her reading gains (Pikulski,2006).

    Major Topics:
    • Courage
    • What Really Happened?
    • Discovering Cultures
    • Genre Study

    Reading Skills:
    Noting Details                     Making Judgments
    Predicting Outcomes          Fact & Opinions
    Making Inferences             Text Organization
    Authors Viewpoint             Cause & Effect
    Problem Solving                 Levels of Questions

    Materials for Reading:
    • “Just Right” Book
    • Colored pencils
    • Highlighters
    • Scissors
    • Scotch tape/glue stick
    • Reading Notebook (INB)
    • Pencil 

    How to find homework:
    Test, quiz, and project dates will be posted on my Google Calendar on Moodle. Please refer to your child’s planner for daily homework.

    Ms. Fernholz's Contact Information:
    • Phone: 952.848.3397  
    • Email: Heather.Fernholz@EdinaSchools.org  (BEST WAY to communicate)