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  • Trans Math SYLLABUS

    Trans Math

    7th grade, full year

    Chad Inda, 952-848-3912


    Course Standards·         All MN 7th Grade Mathematics Course Standards will be covered in this class!


    To successfully complete this course, you must [Insert Unit Outlines & Outcomes] 

    • Decimal Notation
    •  Large and Small Numbers
    •  Measurement
    • Use of Variables
    • Patterns Leading to Addition
    • Problem-Solving Strategies
    • Patterns Leading to Subtraction
    • Displays
    • Patterns Leading to Multiplication
    • Multiplication and Other Operations
    • Patterns Leading to Division
    • Real Numbers, Area, and Volume
    • Coordinate Graphs and Equations



    Required Materials

    To successfully complete this course, you will need:

                    Math book

    • Notebook
    • Paper source
    • pencil
    • 4-function calculator
    • Folder/3-ring binder
    • white board markers


    Online Resources

    • Online Text book (use code from teacher)



    Policies, Procedures and Grading


    General Rules:

    Will be discussed in class.


    Grading Policies:

    Summative assessments comprise 100% of the grade.


    Grading Scale:

    A             100 - 94%

    A-            93 – 90%

    B+           89 – 87%

    B             86 – 84%

    B-            83 – 80%

    C+           79 – 77&

    C              76 – 74%

    C-             73 – 70%

    D+           69 – 67%

    D             66 – 64%

    D-            63 – 60%



    Additional Information

    Retesting Policy:

                    Students receiving a grade lower than 80% on a test have the option to retake the test.   To retake a test, students will need to complete the “Self Test” at the end of the chapter in their book. Students will then set up a time to retake their test.   The retest will consist of the student correcting the questions they missed on the original test, including why they got the problem wrong.  Retests must be completed before the end of the quarter.  The highest score achievable on a retest is a B.