• Edina Cheerleading Attendance Policy & Explanation

    Attendance is REQUIRED at ALL practices and scheduled team events (games and competitions)!  Spring practices are not mandatory but are strongly recommended!  This is a time for the team to bond, learn valuable skills that will be used throughout the year, and create stunting groups that will work together in the routine.

    Excused Absences:

    • For absence to be ‘excused’ your coach must be contacted PRIOR to the absence occurring. For same-day absences coaches must be contacted prior to 3pm via email or call from the parent.
    • Absences related to an illness that lasts for more than two practices require a doctor’s to return to practice.
    • There will only be allowed 3 excused absences per season. The 4th excused (excluding when sick or injured) absence becomes your 1st unexcused. Even with an excused practice you are expected to return to practice at the same level as your teammates and are responsible for all routine changes that occurred during your absence.

    Unexcused Absences:

    - 1st Offense: Loss of competition or coach’s discretion

    - 2nd Offense: Loss of 1 competition and letter.

    - 3rd Offense: Permanent removal from the team.


    - If under 15 minutes late to practice; additional jumps and/or tumbling will be required based on coach’s discretion.

    - If more than 15 minutes into practice; additional jumps and/or tumbling will be required based on coach’s discretion.

    After School Help‐not exceeding 1.5 hours total in a season
    Planned Family Vacations‐written notice as soon as possible
    Illness‐if Coach is contacted prior to absence
    Family Emergencies
    Other Excused Medical Emergencies

    Orthodontist/Dentist Appointments
    PSAT/ACT prep courses
    Chiropractor Appointments
    Dance/Cheerleading lessons or recitals
    Hair Appointments
    Doctor Appointments‐unless excused in advance
    Driver’s Education
    Driver’s Tests
    Illness when present in school day
    Homework/school clubs, lessons, or unapproved help