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  • 2015 Hennepin County Recycling Grant Information 



    The Hennepin County Department of Environment and Energy has recommended Edina Public Schools for a
    2015 School Recycling Grant! 
    UPDATE 3/31/16
    • Signage racks are up at all 6 Elementary Schools. With support from building staff, administration, Chartwells, our District GO GREEN Committee & Hennepin County, we hope that all schools begin to see improvements in minimizing the amount of waste they generate! 
     UPDATE 3/9/16
    • A new signage rack has been set up at Countryside Elementary School! It has been up over a week now! Another one will be implemented at Concord Elementary School the week of March 7th. Hopefully we will have new racks at all elementary schools by the end of the month. Pictures will come soon of each school's efforts!
     UPDATE 1/7/2016
    • Signage racks have been ordered for each elementary school. These will assist in helping students correctly sort trash, recycles and waste. 
    • With the help of Hennepin County, staff and parent volunteers, a baseline weight has been done at Concord Elementary School. Below is an excerpt from the Concord elementary school newsletter:

    "As part of our partnership with Hennepin County School Recycling, Concord Elementary participated in a Food Weight and Waste Analysis during December 2015. On average, we found that during a school day lunch our students are discarding 16 lbs. of trash, 125 lbs of compost/food, 32 lbs. of recycle material, and 50 lbs. of liquids (i.e. milk).  We also estimated how much material is ending up in the correct bin by doing a waste sort. We discovered that the school is doing a great job sorting compost and there's very little contamination in that bin - just 3% is trash or recycling. 58% of the material in the recycling is sorted correctly - the rest is compost or trash. 62% of what ends up in the trash is compostable and 10% is recyclable.

    "Through this winter and spring, we will work with Hennepin County to provide educational materials and volunteers in the lunchroom to educate our students about the importance of waste reduction, recycling and overall environmental stewardship."