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    How do I become a host teacher?

    To host a student teacher in Edina, you must be tenured and in good professional standing. An inquiry of interest will be sent by the Director of Teaching & Learning each spring, and in your response you may indicate any specific preferences you have for time of year, institution(s), etc. No placement will be made without a specific confirmation from you. You may host only one student teacher during a school year, except where student teachers are shared across sites/levels/courses. Each institution has a set rate of reimbursement for such experiences as well as expectations for the host teacher, and they will send any payment directly to you.

    How do I become a student teacher?

    Edina Public Schools has student teaching contracts with many local colleges and universities. All placements are made centrally, and the placement office should send any request directly to the Director of Teaching and Learning. Candidates should be in the top 10% of their class in order to be a good match for working in Edina. A criminal background check must be completed for the experience to begin.


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