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    Next Generation Learning Spaces 

  • What are Next Generation Learning Spaces?

    By creating a variety of learning environments that compliment current spaces and meet the needs of a diverse teaching and learning needs, Edina Public Schools will be better equipped to personalize learning and advance excellence for all students. So what different kinds of spaces are needed?  


    Direct Instruction
    Traditional, formal direct instruction learning spaces (classrooms)

     direct instruction concepts
    Individual learning icon

    Private, self-study spaces for self-directed learning

    individual learning concepts  
    Small Group learning space icon

    Small Group / Collaborative
    Informal spaces to share information, collaborate, discover, and create with peers


     small group learning concepts
    Large Group Learning icon  
    Large Group / Performance
    Space for publicly demonstrating learning and acquired
    knowledge to others
     large group learning concepts


  • While specific designs have not yet been created, district study teams have researched schools nationally and internationally to learn about instructional space design and see what transformed spaces could look like in Edina Public Schools. 

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