• Referendum 2015

    Next Generation Learning Spaces 

  • Aligning SPACE to Learning



    The Next Generation Facilities Plan was developed to align with and support the program directions of the district's Next Generation of Edina Public Schools Strategic Plan. Through its mission and values, core strategies and educational competencies, the plan focuses on personalizing learning for all students and ensuring they have the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing, global world. As educational programming shifts toward these goals, the facilities in which the learning takes place must also transform to not only accommodate new kinds of learning and teaching, but also to encourage creativity and innovation for all learners.

    Given that voters have not yet authorized bonding for the Next Generation Facilities Plan, the components of these new learning spaces are still in concept form. Following a successful bond referendum vote, the district would then move into a design phase where by teachers and stakeholders will provide input and feedback to the architects to inform final plans. 

    But Edina educators are already thinking about how space could impact how their teaching, and students are excited about learning in different ways and in different places. Check out our latest referendum video to hear from students, parents, teachers and administrators about how they believe learning can be transformed by rethinking educational spaces.

    To explore what transformed learning spaces could look like in Edina Public Schools, visit our "What are Next Generation Learning Spaces" page. 


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