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    Next Generation Facilities Plan

  • Transforming Learning Spaces

    Our schools were built for a different time, a different approach to teaching and learning, where space dictated how and where learning occurred. 

    Renovating existing spaces into a variety of flexible areas conducive to different learning styles and instructional strategies is at the core of the Next Generation Facilities Plan. Current facilities were designed for one kind of learning — with one teacher to 25 kids. Today’s rapidly changing, global world requires that current and future students know how to think differently, work differently and learn differently. By reimagining learning spaces, Edina Public Schools will not only permit new ways of learning, but also encourage it.

    Transforming learning spaces will require renovations and reconfigurations of some learning spaces in all district buildings, as well as the addition of new academic and multi-purpose activity spaces at Edina High School to accommodate the future grade configuration shift — creating smaller grade 6-8 middle schools and a comprehensive grade 9-12 high school — that was approved by the School Board in June 2014.

    Because voters have not yet authorized bonding for the Next Generation Facilities Plan, the components of these new learning spaces are still conceptual, although initial ideas were generated by the Facilities Advisory Task Force in October 2014, and preliminary engineering work has identified where additions could be made and the amount of square feet needed to meet program needs. Following a successful bond referendum vote, the district would then move into a design phase where by teachers and stakeholders will provide input and feedback to the architects to inform final plans. 

    Next Gen Learning Spaces  


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