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    Next Generation Facilities Plan

  • In August 2014, the Edina Public Schools launched a 24-member Next Generation Facilities Advisory Task Force (FATF) comprised of a broad cross-section of interests of the Edina Public Schools, including students, parents, staff, key community stakeholder groups, and residents-at-large.

    The district then submitted the facilities concept plan, including project scope and composition, proposed budget and financing options to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) as required by law. This "Review and Comment" was approved by the Commissioner of Education in February and serves as the framework for the Next Generation Facilities plan. 

    The purpose of the FATF was to analyze pertinent information and consider options for district facilities to meet the needs of Edina Public Schools’ Next Generation learners. In assessing both short- and long-term facility needs, the FATF would then make recommendations to the administration and School Board to address these needs and enhance the community’s investment.

    To accomplish its charge, the FATF analyzed, among other things, current and projected student enrollment, current district facility conditions and capacities, and projected future facility needs in alignment with the district’s Next Generation of Edina Public Schools Strategic Plan.

    The FATF started with over $200 million in identified facility needs, and over the course of six weeks, narrowed the list to $125 million of prioritized facility improvements, which was presented to the School Board in October.

    Since that time, the Board and administration continued to engage stakeholders and refine the FAFT’s recommendations into the Next Generation Facilities Plan. The Board approved the plan in January and is now seeking community support in a special election bond referendum on Tuesday, May 5.

    Next Gen Facilities Plan  

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