2014 Facilities Advisory Task Force

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    As Edina Public Schools (EPS) moves ahead with its Next Generation Strategic Plan, a common question arises: How do you provide 21st century learning experience in 20th century facilities? Students, teachers, administration and community members have been weighing in on this topic for several years and have researched ways to think about space differently. In July 2014, the district called upon the community to apply for membership on the Next Generation Facilities Advisory Task Force (FATF), which analyzed pertinent information and consider options for district facilities to meet the needs of EPS’ Next Generation learners.
    • The district launched the FATF on Tuesday, Aug. 26, with meetings running every Tuesday evening through Sept. 30 in the Edina Community Center, Room 350.
    • All meetings were open to the public. 


    The purpose of the Next Generation FATF was to analyze pertinent information and consider options for district facilities to meet the needs of Edina Public Schools' Next Generation learners. The FATF focused on both short- (1-3 years) and long-term facilities needs (8-10 years), with a charge of making a recommendation to the district and School Board for consideration in a potential 2015 Bond Referendum. Recommendations will also be used by the School Board and Administration as part of the district's implementation of the Next Generation of Edina Public Schools Strategic Plan.

    FATF Members 

    In addition to district resource personnel, the FATF was comprised of diverse community representatives, including students, parents, staff, key community stakeholder groups and residents-at-large. Members include:
    • Josh Felton, student
    • Dennis Bao, student 
    • Michael Ward, recent alumnus
    • Tom Connell, teacher
    • Betony Osborne, teacher
    • Robert Huntley, alumni parent/guardian 
    • Laurie Shimizu, alumni parent/guardian
    • Skip Thomas, alumni parent/guardian
    • Dick Ward, alumni parent/guardian
    • Danielle Busby, alumni parent/guardian
    • Libby Cecchi, alumni parent/guardian
    • Lynn Franz, alumni parent/guardian
    • David Frenkel, alumni parent/guardian
    • Stephanie Huss, alumni parent/guardian
    • David Kalogerson, alumni parent/guardian
    • Geoff Michel, alumni parent/guardian
    • Bill Neuendorf, parent/guardian, City of Edina representative
    • Jeff Northrup, alumni parent/guardian
    • Mike Platteter, alumni parent/guardian
    • Steve Velner, alumni parent/guardian
    • Vic Walker, alumni parent/guardian
    • John Wellborn, alumni parent/guardian
    • Phyllis Kohler, former School Board member
    • Lonni Skrentner, former School Board member

    Application Process

    An open call for applicants and recruitment was held in July and early August. Applicants were reviewed by district administration and a School Board representative to ensure broad community representation.