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    Where to Vote on May 5

    If you are not sure where to vote or in what precinct your home is located, visit the MNVotes Pollfinder Link.  If you have questions about voter registration and eligibility, visit Voting Information on the City of Edina website.

    Below find the list of polling locations by precinct.  An asterisk denotes a combined polling location or a change in location for several precincts. Voters should be aware that their polling location may be different than where they normally vote in a General Election.

     Precinct Number
     Polling Location  Address
     Pct. 1B     Chapel Hills Church  6512 Vernon Avenue, Edina
     Pct. 2  Edina Senior Center  5280 Grandview Square, Edina
     Pct. 3  Edina Covenant Church  4201 West 50th Street, Edina
     *Pct. 4 & District 273 residents residing
    in City of St. Louis Park 
     Weber Park Shelter  4115 Grimes Avenue, Edina
     *Pct. 5  Good Samaritan Methodist Church  5730 Grove Street, Edina
     Pct. 6  Countryside Elementary School  5701 Benton Avenue, Edina
     Pct. 7  Normandale Lutheran Church  6100 Normandale Road, Edina
     Pct. 8  South View Middle School  4725 South View Lane, Edina
     Pct. 9  Concord Elementary School  5900 Concord Avenue, Edina
     *Pct. 10  St. Albans Episcopal Church  6716 Gleason Road, Edina
     Pct. 11  New City Covenant Church  6400 Tracy Avenue, Edina
     Pct. 12  Arneson Acres Park  4711 West 70th Street, Edina
     *Pct. 13/16/17/18 &
    District 273 residents residing
    in City of Bloomington 
    Cornelia Elementary School    7000 Cornelia Road, Edina
     Pct. 14  Edina Community Lutheran Church  4113 West 54th Street, Edina
     Pct. 15  Valley View Middle School  6750 Valley View Road, Edina
     Pct. 19  Calvary Lutheran Church  6817 Antrim Road, Edina

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