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    Edina Public Schools is committed to the conservation of resources and sustainable, Earth-friendly practices throughout the district. Through a number of district policies (see right), the district manages materials and energy resources, as well as all types of waste, with an eye toward stewardship of district financial resources and the welfare of the planet. This philosophy aligns with the district educational competency of being responsible, engaged citizens. By modeling responsible practices, we hope to teach our students the importance of environmental awareness and practices that they will take with them and apply throughout their lives.

    The Go Green Advisory Committee promotes sustainable environmental and energy conservation initiatives by providing information and support for schools and programs within the district. The committee consists of parent and staff representatives from schools throughout the district, as well as district personnel from Nutrition Services, Buildings and Grounds, and the City of Edina. The Go Green Committee meets four times each school year, with additional meetings scheduled as needed. The Committee invites anyone interested to attend the meetings and participate in discussions and idea sharing.


    2019-2020 Meeting

    •  Wednesday November 13th 8-9am; 3rd Floor District Office Conference Room at Edina Community Center
      • If you will be attending the meeting and wish for an agenda item to be included please email it to megan.kooman@edinaschools.org within a week of the meeting.

    2019-2020 Membership

    Curt Johanson, Buildings & Grounds Manager, District Office
    Laurie Wilcox, Buildings & Grounds Department Specialist, District Office
    Jennifer Musolf, Parent Representative, Countryside Elementary
    Erin Nelson, District Assistive Tech Strategist
    Paul Thompson, Cool Planet, City of Edina
    Mindy Ahler, Cool Planet
    Alexandra Turnbull, Food Services Dietician, Chartwells, Inc.

    Please email megan.kooman@edinaschools.org if you wish to receive GO GREEN emails and news.