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    At Edina Public Schools, we understand no two children are the same: parenting strategies that work for one family may not work for another. These resources are meant to be used as a toolkit that can assist with navigating commonly requested parenting strategies and information.

    Remember: you are the parent. You have the right to limit device usage in your home at your discretion.


    This planning document may be useful for you as you plan to have devices in the home. It walks you through things to consider prior to bringing home the device.
    This set of technology-based ground rules is a great, down to earth starting point for families looking to have a conversation about technology in the home.


    Concerned about what your child is viewing online?  Filtering is available on the device level and the network level.  Here are some recommendations for setting up filtering of your devices.


    OpenDNS: a free tool that can be used to filter content at the network level at your home.

    Mobicip: flexible device-based filtering. Free and premium versions available.
    Curbi: parental controls for Android and Apple mobile devices. Free 14 day trial, $7/month.

    Creating Supervised Accounts on Personal Chromebooks: 

    Requiring your student to be a supervised user on a personal Chromebook allows you greater understanding about what your student is doing online (this feature is unavailable for district-provided Chromebooks at this time).

    Cell Phone restrictions:  


    Mobile phones can be quickly filtered using restrictions specific to that device.  
    Instructions for Apple
    Instructions for Android


    Other Resources:

    Curious about what your child is watching or playing? Common Sense Media provides age ratings and reviews about media from TV to online apps. 
    Common Sense Media

    Kidsinthehouse.com claims to be "the ultimate parenting resource" with 9,000 videos from top experts and parents. Their technology and media videos cover topics such as: when to give teens privacy online, defining shareable moments online, teens and texting, and more.

    EPS Parenting in a Digital World Course: 

    Want to know more? Digital Learning Specialist Michael Walker has constructed a Schoology Course with resources on topics ranging from Basic Internet Safety to Creating a Positive Digital Footprint online. Log in to the Parent Portal and select Schoology. Then click Course...Join and enter: MPKPP-W662K
    Parenting in a Digital World Course