• Info for First Time Nordic Racers


    1. Get a uniform! (find Andy in the trainer’s office near the wax room)



    • One or two wool or performance shirts, your uniform top, and a jacket to wear while you warm up
    • One or two pairs of warm leggings, your uniform bottoms, and warmup pants that can fit over your boots (if you have them)
    • Wool socks and ski boots
    • Hat, mittens, buff 


    • Water bottle 
    • Cozy layers for after you ski
    • Food (we have bagels!)
    • Watch (if you have one)
    • Leave everything else in your locker room locker!!

     RACE DAY:

    1. RELEASE TIMES: leave class at your release time (a teamsnap email will have these)
      1. VVMS & EHS: head to the locker rooms
      2. SVMS: catch the activity bus at the theater door and then go to the locker room at EHS
    2. CHANGE: put on your layers and pack your bags and leave everything you don’t need in your locker
    3. BUS: grab your ski bag from the wax room and find the bus and trailer at Door 13 of the high school (it’s near the wax room) 
      1. We’ll hand out race bibs on the bus (this goes over your uniform top but under your jacket)
      2. We’ll also tell you your start time (write it on your hand so you don’t forget!!)
        1. a note on start times- the number you get is how long after the start of the race that you start. It isn’t a time of day. If the race starts at 3:30 pm and the time we give you is 39:15, then you start at 4:09:15 pm. 
    4. CHALET: once we get to the race course, leave your ski bag outside the building with all the other bags and put your stuff on the Edina table inside. Leave everything you aren’t wearing inside the chalet. 
    5. WARMUP: warming up is good! Do what you feel comfortable with :) 
      1. NOTE: if you want to ski the course before the race, do that as soon as you get there. You can’t be warming up on the course once varsity starts racing at 3:30.
    6. STARTING LINE: follow the people to find it!! At Elm Creek, go out the back of the chalet (by the bridge) and head left. You should get here 15 minutes before your starting time. Take your coat and pants off when it gets close to your time. Watch for people lining up and follow along with your bib number.
    7. RACE: have fun!! Smile!! We’ll all be cheering for you!!
    8. POST-RACE: give your bib to a parent right away!! Super important not to take them home. Go get bagels from our table! 
    9. BUS HOME: you HAVE to take the bus home unless you fill out a form that says your parent will be driving you. We need to know where you are! 

    Yay!! Couple more things:

    • Don’t stress about this! Racing is meant to be fun :)
    • Falling is okay! If you fall, shake it off, laugh it off, and keep skiing. Falling is completely normal.
    • So proud of you all! Way to go!