• Equity Resources

    In an effort to advance the District's mission of helping all learners to thrive in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse, global society, the District's Equity Team includes an equity and inclusion specialist and cultural liaisons that serve to enhance student and family engagement with EPS and helping staff build personal connections with all students and families. 

  • Equity and Inclusion

    The Equity and Inclusion Specialist supports students' personal, social and academic achievement through targeted guidance, outreach, consultation and education services for students, families and staff. In addition, the Equity and Inclusion Specialist acts as a consultant to teachers, administrators and other staff regarding culture, heritage and background of African-American students and families, while providing outreach and support to African-American students and families to promote positive school/family relationships and enhance student learning.

  • Cultural Liaisons

    Edina Public Schools has three cultural liaisons to help engage and enrich the academic experience of students and families of Spanish-speaking, Somali and South Asian cultures, the district’s largest bilingual / multi-lingual demographic student groups. The liaisons help connect students and families with school sites and programs in an effort to develop and sustain a trusting and supportive relationship that will benefit students, families and the district. They also serve to facilitate communication between school and home, as well as partnering with teachers and staff to identify strategies that will improve student outcomes.  

    Research and data show that academic achievement improves when students and families are engaged with their schools, yet navigating the educational system can be challenging for families, especially those whose first language is not English or who are new to the country. The District's cultural liaisons provide assistance and support for students and families, while also supporting staff in building an understanding of intercultural competence and employing strategies that help ensure educational equity district-wide. 

Additional Resources

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  • Edina Resource Center

    The Edina Resource Center listens to your needs and connects you to the resources that can help. A partnership of Edina Community Education Services, Edina Public Schools and the City of Edina, the Edina Resource Center provides your connection to community resources, services and information in Edina, Minnesota. All services are free and confidential.

    Edina Give and Go

    Edina Give and Go is a non-profit partner of Edina Public Schools focused on ensuring that socioeconomic status does not prevent any Edina Public Schools student from accessing the opportunities that exist in our community. The organization works to create access to arts, academic, and athletic opportunities that happen outside the school day and in the summer. Learn more to access support or donate to the Edina Give and Go mission at edinagiveandgo.org.