• Parent Handbook

  • Welcome to the EDT Parent Handbook! 
    Varsity, JV, and B-Squad
    Edina Dance Team is comprised of 3 squads - Varsity, JV and B-squad.  Dancers in 7th-12th grades are eligible for the high school squad. They will be divided into Varsity and Junior Varsity squad in October.  Dancers in 7th-8th grade may participate in the B-Squad. The B-Squad travels with the Varsity and JV squads to meets and invites so dancers get the full high school dance team experience. It is an excellent opportunity to experience all that high school dance team has to offer, but with a more limited time commitment.
    Varsity and JV
    Commitment:  13-15 hours of practice a week,  5 meets (2 jazz, 2, kick, 1 jazz/kick),   5-7 invites or additional performances
    Commitment: 4.5 hours of practice a week, 2 meets, 5-7 invites or additional performances.  B-squad dancers wanting to dance more may try out for the JV kick squad in October. The kick team meets and additional 3-4 hours a week. Kick participation is not a requirement. JV kick dancers perform in 3 kick meets and the same 3-5 invitationals as the jazz squad.
    Tryouts are held in the spring for the upcoming winter season.  All dancers wanting to participate on EDT need to tryout—even if they have been on the team in the past.  Dates vary from year to year, so look for email communication from coaches and on the EDT website.  You must register your dancer before the first day of tryouts.  Tryouts include 3-4 days of clinic, where technique, skills and audition routines are taught, followed by auditions. In the spring, dancers with qualifying scores will be selected to the dance team program.  Division into Varsity and Junior Varsity will happen in October (note: it is possible to be on Varsity for one dance and Junior Varsity for the other). Communication of results to dancers differs from year to year. 
    Summer Schedule
    The team typically practices twice per week during June and July, although more will be scheduled closer to camp (see below).  These practices are not mandatory but are highly encouraged to begin working together as a team and to build strength and technique.  Captains may call additional practices beyond those scheduled by coaches.
    Other Summer Opportunities 
    • JFK Camp:   EDT also participates in a 3-day camp in Brainerd, Minnesota called Just for Kix (JFK) - the 2019 location is Rochester, MN. Many Minnesota dance teams participate in this camp including many from the Lake Conference. It was a great experience and is highly encouraged. The cost for this camp is the responsibility of the dancer and her family.

    Some typical camps offered from summer to summer (varies from season to season depending on the summer calendar):

    • Innovate Dance:  Typically held here in Edina, Innovate is another opportunity for EDT dancers to work on their skills. Like JFK, it is not mandatory but is highly encouraged. The cost for Innovate is the responsibility of the dancer and her family.
    • The Vibe Dance & Fitness:  Held at The Vibe studio located in Minnetonka, MN. It is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged. The cost of classes at The Vibe is the responsibility of each dancer.
    • Lake Conference Master Class:  This will be held at Eden Prairie High School for 2019.
    • TCO Strength Training:  Held at the Wellness Center at EHS.
    Season Start-up Registration
    Edina Dance Team registration is on the EHS activities site and opens in September or October.  Cost for the program is $190 which covers several items. ($50 late fee applies if you miss the deadline.)  This registration is different than the try-out registration. All EDT participants must register in order to participate in any EDT event.  You will need to make sure you have an up-to-date physical filed with the school.  You can find information about the date after which a physical is required on the EHS registration web page.  If you need to check what the school has on file for your dancer, check Schoology (under “Health”). 
    Choreography Sessions 
    The season starts in the beginning of October with Choreography workshops for the first two weeks  (check EDT website for exact dates).  According to MSHSL rules, only 1/3 or the team can participate in during these two weeks, so dancers need to "apply" to serve on the Choreography Committee.  If more dancers apply than there are slots available, coaches will determine the best mix of dancers to participate.
    Mandatory Practice and Team Placements
    Mandatory practices start after the two weeks of choreography.  The first two days of practice are typically reserved for team placements where the dancers will tryout for the coaches.  They will then be placed onto either Varsity or Junior Varsity for both Jazz and Kick.  The method of notification varies, but the dancers will know which team they are on by practice the following day. B-squad dancers will begin choreography, as well as tryout for the JV kick squad if they are interested.
    Practice Schedule
    High School Squads   - The typical practice schedule is as follows:
          M, T, Th, F:  4:30-6:30
          W:  4:30-6:00  **notify coaches of religious conflicts
          S:  9:00-noon
    Changes in the practice schedule are communicated by the coaches.
    B-Squad - T/Th:  7:45-9:00AM
                       W:  4:30-6:00PM
    Finances and Expenses/Fees and Assessments
    At the time of registration in the fall, you will be asked to pay a school registration fee that has recently been increased to $190 for all sports and activities. Click on the link to find out more about what this fee covers.  Because this fee only covers some of the costs incurred, there is also a team assessment fee and fundraising to supplement additional dance team costs.  EDT will charge an assessment after spring tryouts and another one after the fall season kicks off.  This practice is consistent across most sports and activities at Edina High School. 
    Many fundraising events are planned throughout the year (not just the season) to raise money for EDT for the cost of items not covered by our $190 registration fee such as extra coaches (beyond what the school provides), costumes, and the banquet.  We are always looking for parents to help with our fundraisers, particularly the Edina Invitational (see below).  If you would like to get involved, please let the Captains’ parents know if you have any ideas or would like to help.  We are always looking for good fundraising opportunities.
    Here are some of our current fundraisers:
    • Kids Clinics—Traditionally, EDT has held a clinic for young kids in the fall (November), but also held one in the summer. Dancers teach a routine, play games, and do an arts and crafts project with the kids. Parents are asked to return to watch their kids do the routine.
    • Retailer Fundraisers—Retailers often provide a portion of their proceeds during a specific period of time to EDT and other non-profits. EDT has had success holding such events with Chipotle and Shop in the City.
    • Edina Invitational—This is our biggest fundraiser and all parents participate in this effort. It entails detailed planning for the facility, vendors, food donations, shift sign-up, and cleanup. Parents are expected to help set-up the night before and work the day of the event.
    Attire and Shoes
    Dancers will need to have a warm up, marking shorts and t-shirt/tank, costumes and shoes, a bag, and a garment bag.  Some items may be provided by the funds raised through fundraisers (garment bags, some costumes, etc.).  Because some things can be used more than one year, first year costs are the highest.
    Optional items such as sweatshirts (different for JV and Varsity), t-shirts, etc., are also available. Apparel is also available for parents and fans (see "Fans at Meets and Invites")
    Meets and Invitationals/Conference Meets
    Conference Meets are typically on Thursday nights.  Edina competes in the Lake Conference so they will face the same four teams (Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Minnetonka, and Wayzata, Buffalo, and St. Michael-Albertville) at each of these meets.  For the 2019-2020 season, there will be two jazz meets, two kick meets, and a conference championship   where both kick and jazz are performed.  Both JV and Varsity perform at all meets, and B-Squad performs at the first 2 jazz meets.
    • Invitationals are all day Saturday events that we are invited to and agree to attend.
    • These competitions may include teams from our conference, but will include teams from other conferences as well.
    • At the larger Invites, there can be 20+ teams, so they are exciting events.
    • Both dances (jazz and kick) are typically performed at these competitions (although coaches may decide to enter only one.) All three squad (Varsity, JV, and B-Squad) will participate in invitationals; however, there are some that only one or two of the routines will compete.
    Judging at Meets and Invites
    Independent judges score the routines off a detailed list for things like technique, style, straight lines, number of kicks, unique moves, etc.  Each judge will rank the teams in order (1 being the highest) and then the judges’ ranks will be combined.  Therefore the lowest score is the best and will come in first place.
    Routines are also given a score that is provided to the coaches after the meet.  If Edina places, a team representative will accept the award. For more information about rules and policies as well as copies of the routine score sheets, see the Dance Team page of the MSHSL website.  Another great resources is Minnesota Dance Team Online. 
    Practices: Dancers attending Valley View and EHS can take the activity bus to the South View campus for practice. There have been times, however, in the past where parents have had to pick up the Valley View girls and bring them to the South View campus for special events.
    Meets & Invites:  Team members are required to ride to and from all competitions on the team bus.  The bus will leave from EHS and return them back to EHS. 
    • For conference meets, buses depart at approximately 4:00pm. from EHS and return to EHS after the meet at approximately 9:00pm.
    • For Invitationals, the team boards the bus in the morning (sometimes very early) at EHS and returns to EHS at the conclusion of the events.
    Fans at Meets and Invites

    Edina has a smaller team relative to other teams in our conference, so we need parents and fans to come out in droves to support our team. Please plan on attending all competitions (Meets and Invites) and cheering loudly for all of our amazing teams (B-Squad, JV, and Varsity).  We will create our cheering section so plan on getting there as early as possible to grab seats and sit with other Edina fans.

    Doors open for Meets at 6:30 p.m. and the competition starts promptly at 7:00 p.m.  If you arrive first, start a section by saving seats. (Note: this is important because fans of the larger teams will fill the stands.)  Admission is $7:00 ($3.00 for students).

    Start times for Invites vary, but the “get there early” rule still applies.  Specific dance times will be communicated prior to each event.  Invites can, however, run early or late, so be prepared. Apparel will be available for purchase in the fall for parents and fans, so that we can look like a united fan section.  This is important to our dancers who can see us collectively cheering for them.

    Food for Meets and Invites
    The Captains’ moms generally organize a way to get meals to the team for Meets on Thursdays (brought to EHS before they board the bus).  Typically this involves placing an order and paying for your dancer's meal at Noodles, Jimmy Johns, Chipotle, etc.  We then have a volunteer parent who picks up the meals and delivers them to the team. 
    Sectionals and State
    All Varsity teams in the conference compete in the Sectional meet in both Jazz and Kick.  The first, second, and third place teams in each event qualify to compete in the State competition.  The State competition ("State") is typically held at the Target Center in Minneapolis.  There are finalists and State Champions selected in each event.
    Other Performances (Opportunities vary from year to year)
    • Pep Fest/Rally performances at EHS are typically for the Varsity Team only.
    • Varsity Jazz performs at the University of Minnesota Dance Team's Best of the Best event every January.
    • EDT captains may hold a couple of informal practices to get the team ready.  This was a great way to get everyone together as a team right away!