• Pilcher - Kindergarten

Coming and Going

  •  Bus:  If you indicated that your child will be taking the bus home from school, I will make certain that he/she is on the bus every day following the conclusion of our school day.  If your child will be picked up by you or any other adult, I will need a note!  If your child does not have a note, he/she will be sent home on the bus.

    Arrival Time:  For the safety of your child, he/she should arrive in the classroom no earlier than 10 minutes before kindergarten starts.  For the 2014-2015 school year, kindergarten start time is 9:15 a.m.  If there is an emergency in which your child must be dropped off early, you will need to check him/her into the school office where he/she will wait until the school day begins.

    Early Pick Up:  The official end of our school day is 3:50 p.m.  If for some reason, you need to pick your child up before then, you must sign him/her out in the school office.  If possible, please send me a note ahead of time letting me know that your child will need to be dismissed early.

    Late Pick Up:  We usually walk out the doors between 3:45-3:50.  If you are running late, your child will be waiting with me or my para by the buses or by the front of the building.  If you arrive after 4:00, your child will be waiting in the school office.  Reminder:  Changes in you schedule must be communicated in writing or through the school office.  I cannot guarantee that I will check my voice mail or email before the end of the school day.

    Security:  During the school day, all doors except the main entrance to Cornelia are locked.  All visitors and parents must sign in at the school office where they will receive a visitor sticker.  If you are picking up your child at the end of the kindergarten day, please follow the school dismissal procedure and pick up your child from the designated area.


  • Illness:  If your child will be staying home from school due to an illness, please notify the Cornelia Attendance Line at 952-848-4602.  It is also important to notify us as soon as possible if your child has contracted any of the following: strep throat, chicken pox, measles, mumps, pink eye, head lice or any other communicable disease.  As a courtesy to the other children and myself, if your child has a temperature, vomited and/or an upset stomach please allow enough time for recovery (24 hours) before sending them back to school.  Thank you!

Weekly Activities

  • Snack Time:  During our kindergarten day, we will have snack time during our morning brain break.  If you wish for your child to have a snack, please pack a SMALL and EASY TO OPEN item in your child’s backpack.  I also ask that the snack be nutritional, such as fruits, vegetables, fruit snacks, granola bars, or crackers.  No chips, cookies or chocolate bars.  I will provide a snack for the first two days of school and then you’re on your own!

    Water Bottles:  Kindergarteners often get very thirsty during the long kindergarten day.  However, we do not have a drinking fountain in our classroom.  I encourage students to bring a water bottle to school, so they can get a drink when they need to.  It can get especially hot in our room in September!  Please do not send juice, pop, etc…  Also, please remind your child that the water bottle should remain in his/her backpack when not being used.

    Lunch/Recess:  Your student will have the option to eat a school lunch or bring a lunch from home.  Each student will have a lunch account that you may add money to at any time.  Make the checks payable to ISD #273 Food Service and make sure to include your child’s account number.  You may either drop off the check in the office or send it to school in your child’s take home folder. 

    Quiet Time: Students will have a quiet time after recess to calm down, relax and rest if they need to.  Because we do not have any floor mats, students should have a towel to lay or sit on, so they do not have to be directly on the floor.  The towel acts as a personal quiet place!!  I will send the towels home every Friday so they can be washed.  Please put your child’s name on his/her towel.  Because of space, please NO large beach towels and NO blankets.

    Library:  We will go to the library each week.  Please encourage your child to be responsible for keeping his/her books in a safe place so that they will not be damaged by pets or younger children.  It is a good idea to encourage them to put their books in their school bag on the night before so that is not forgotten on library day.  As school begins, check the newsletter for this year’s library day. 

    Published Books:  Coming home soon, you will see “published” class books in your child’s backpack.  These books are created by the kids and usually correspond to our theme in the classroom that week.  You may keep the book for 1 night to read together and enjoy as a family.  Do not forget to write a comment on the “Book Review” page.  We will share your comments with the class during share time.

    Music, Physical Education, and Art:  The students in all day kindergarten will also go to music, physical education, and art.  Students will go to one of these specials every day.  For gym days, the students will need to wear or bring a pair of athletic shoes.  Girls should also bring an extra pair of shorts if they are wearing a dress.  For other questions, please feel free to contact the specialist teachers:        

    Beth Brandt (music):  848-4653

    Dale Pollesch (gym): 848-4659

    Shannon Steven (art):  848-4616

Special Celebrations

  • Birthdays:  Our class will celebrate birthdays (in a non-edible way) on each student’s special day, using Fridays or Mondays for birthdays that fall on the weekend.  For those kids with a summer birthday, I will designate one special day in the spring for a “Summer Birthday Bash”.  Because of the district’s Wellness Policy, the students are not allowed to bring in birthday treats.  Below are examples of how students can share their special day at school but under no circumstances should anyone feel obligated to send anything.  These suggestions are offered only as an alternative to the traditional sugary treat:

    ·       Bring a storybook to share with the class.

    ·       Donate a book to the class or media center in honor of your child’s birthday.

    ·       Donate a game or puzzle to the classroom.


  • Friday Email:  Every Friday, I will send an email to all families on my distribution list.  This email will include a weekly newsletter, important information and reminders, and volunteers for the following week.  I am trying to go “paperless” and communicate mostly through email, but not all my notes/information/homework are digital. 

    Friday Folder:  I also use a Friday Folder system to get papers from school to home and back to school again.  These folders are labeled on the inside pockets “Keep at Home” and “Please Return.”  This folder will go home with your child each Friday, unless we have a short week.  It will then come home on the last school day for that week.  The folder should be returned to kindergarten each Monday.  Hopefully, you will find that this system cuts down on paper work each night and keeps information from getting lost along the way.