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    Program Study - Year 3

    Following the School Board's approval of the Secondary Academic Program Recommendations in June 2014, the district now moves to implementation of the recommendations, including several pilots for 2014-15.


    The recommendations are intended to move Next Generation ideas into Next Generation actions in an effort to enhance learning and the student experience within the Edina Public Schools secondary program. The recommendations are designed for implementation in a carefully articulated, phased-in approach that supports local action research, which in turn better informs a scaled implementation. Each recommendation is aligned to the five Core Strategies and developed with specific timeline-articulated actions.

    This report articulates ten recommendations that are essential to the advancement of the Next Generation of Edina Public Schools Strategic Plan – three district-wide recommendations and seven recommendations specific to the secondary program.


    In the fall of 2012, Edina Public Schools began a Secondary Academic Study and implementation process to advance the learning of students in grades 6 through 12. The focus of the study is to create a coherent and comprehensive secondary academic program ensuring all students possess the necessary skills to be globally competent, college and career ready, and nationally and internationally competitive, in a rapidly changing, global society.  This initiative was based on a District Strategic Plan approved by the school board in July 2012. 

    Throughout the 2012-13 academic year, a design team, comprised of school and district leaders, researched, gathered data, collected input, and developed an action framework with 15 Key Action Initiatives.  This framework identified five core strategies:

    A.     Global Preparedness and Competence

    B.     Personal Development and Independent Life Skills

    C.     Personalized Learning and Advising

    D.    Focused Student and Staff Collaboration

    E.     Appropriate and Flexible Time and Space

    The School Board approved the framework and 15 Key Action Initiatives in June 2013. In August 2013, the district established a Secondary Study Implementation Team structure to advance the framework within the parameters of a series of charge statements.  The Implementation Team (I-Team) began their work by developing a Strategic Operational Plan, which articulated a path for creating recommended actions for implementation. The resulting recommendations contained in the recommendations report were developed from the work completed in 2012-13, in conjunction with additional research and input gathered throughout the 2013-14 school year.  The recommended actions are designed for implementation via a phased process that aligns with the district’s current Birth to Grade 5 Program Study and ensures the availability of adequate resources (time, funds, training, facilities, staff) for successful and equitable implementation.