• Read Well By Third Grade Plan

  • Edina Public Schools Local Literacy Plan details our current efforts to reach our goal that each student in Edina Public Schools is reading well by third grade. It meets the requirements of Minnesota Statute 120B.12 enacted because research consistently supports the fundamental importance of early reading success. Comprehensively it shares the data, processes, curriculum, interventions, instruction, beliefs, and story of how the Edina Public Schools is striving with our community to support each young reader to meet and exceed reading standards. This plan is ongoing and will be updated yearly. As part of our continuous improvement process, we learn with and from students, parents/guardians, educators and our greater community so each Edina Public School student is reading well by third grade.

    The mission of Integrated Language Arts in the Edina Public Schools is to "develop literate, life-long learners who read, write, speak, listen, and view effectively by engaging them in rigorous, relevant curricula."

    “Reading is essential to success in our society. The ability to read is highly valued and important for social and economic advancement…  Current difficulties in reading largely originate from rising demands for literacy, not from declining absolute levels of literacy. In a technological society, the demands for higher literacy are ever increasing, creating more grievous consequences for those who fall short.” National Research Council, Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children

    Read Well by Third Grade: EPS Local Literacy Plan