• Gifted and Talented

  • Mission

    The purpose of gifted education in Edina Public Schools is to provide appropriate learning experiences and intellectual challenge that result in continuous academic growth.


    The mission of Edina Public Schools remains constant and is the foundation of all we do in student programs. The key components of the mission have long been priorities of this district – working in partnership to educate ALL individuals to thrive in society.

    Edina Public Schools recognizes the uniqueness of each student and attempts to meet each individual’s educational needs on an ongoing basis. The Gifted Education program personalizes learning for students who demonstrate high performance abilities or who have the potential to do so.

    A district priority is recognition and identification of these students, commitment to meeting their needs, and dedication to maximizing their academic performance.


    Edina Public Schools has established guidelines and a process for evaluating students for gifted education service. Evaluation allows us to plan and monitor service and ensure appropriate academic growth.

    Formal identification for gifted service occurs after careful examination of data and other information by staff members, including the gifted education coordinator and building gifted education specialist. A student’s need for gifted service is based on a variety of factors. The resulting evidence of need may point toward strategic or intensive programming beyond the regular classroom.

    Continuum of Services Definitions

    The Young Scholar Program is designed to find and nurture gifted potential in elementary students from historically underrepresented populations, and ultimately to prepare them for advanced academic coursework.

    Accelerated Academic Service in LA in grades 3-5 provides a curriculum that extends learning in depth, breadth, and complexity.

    Advanced Academic Service in Math in grades 3-5 provides compacted grade-level curriculum along with advanced curriculum that extends learning at an accelerated pace.

    Advanced Academic Service in Reading in grade 6 provides a curriculum that extends learning in depth, breadth, and complexity at an accelerated pace. There are opportunities for reflection and self-assessment that develop an understanding of the characteristics, demands, and responsibilities of advanced intellectual development.

    Accelerated Program in Math begins in grade 6 and offers double-accelerated course offerings.

    Enriched Courses in grades 7-9 provide opportunities to develop creative and critical thinking skills and prepare students for advanced coursework at the high school. The pacing is accelerated.

    The Advanced Placement Program in grades 9-12 provides rigorous academic college preparatory coursework. Individual AP courses are designed to emulate introductory college courses.

    For more information, contact Deb Richards, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, 952-848-4935 or debra.richards@edinaschools.org or visit the district's Gifted and Talented website.