• Best Practices and Resources

  • Action Steps to increase instructional Staff Assessment Literacy

    1. Support and strengthen PLC teams
    • Create a cultural shift in the school
    • Create an understanding of the process
    • Address the skills needed for self-directed learning
    • Get the right facilitators
    • Provide facilitators with adequate support
    • Ensure the active support of school leaders
    2. Increase skills in data analysis and interpretation
    • Analyzing multiple types of data (achievement, process, demographic, and perception surveys)
    • Interpreting data to determine learning targets
    • Using data to measure progress towards the learning targets
    • Learning to make ongoing adjustments to both goals and strategies for attaining the learning target
    3. Understand and increase use of formative assessment and feedback
    • Provide students with a clear and understandable vision of the learning targets
    • Use examples and models of strong and weak work;
    • Offer regular descriptive feedback;
    • Teach students to self-assess and set goals;
    • Design lessons to focus on one learning target
    • Teach students focused revision;
    • Engage students in self-reflection, and let them keep track of and share their learning.
    4. Develop and implement common summative assessments
    • Identify specifically which students did not demonstrate mastery of essential standard(s).
    • Identify specifically which students did demonstrate mastery of essential standard(s).
    • Identify effective instructional practices.
    • Identify patterns in student mistakes.
    • Measure the accuracy of the assessment.
    • Plan and target interventions, extension, and enrichment based on need.


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