• Principal Evaluation Plan

  • Edina Public Schools are committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for all students. Learning can best be achieved by increasing administrator effectiveness through performance appraisal that emphasizes a cooperative working relationship among colleagues. Since full utilization of the talents of the staff is essential, the district encourages a dynamic and continuous effort to enhance the human, technical, and conceptual skills of all its employees. 

    The purpose of the appraisal process is to assure quality of performance through formal evaluation of both probationary and tenured administrators and to support professional learning and continued growth for all administrators each year. Additional levels of assistance for tenured administrators will be provided as deemed necessary by that employee’s supervisor and/or superintendent.


    All conferences must be completed no later than the dates indicated below:

    October 15 – Administrator and supervisor will meet to establish one or two professional goals for the year using the Administrator Alt Comp Goals form. Each goal must be specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic, and timely.

    January 30 – Administrator and supervisor will discuss the Administrator Professional Development Learning Plan.

    June 30 – End of the year Administrator Evaluation Summary is completed and discussed. Progress on goal(s) accomplished will also be discussed. All documents are sent to the Human Resources Department. 

    • Administrator and supervisor will discuss outcomes from the Administrator Professional 
    • Development Learning Plan. 
    • Be prepared to share a summary or data analysis of your 360 survey with your  supervisor. The survey should include feedback from colleagues, staff, and parents.

    Principal Evaluation Form