• Tools for Improving Instruction, Curriculum and Student Achievement

  • Minnesota Academic Standards in the areas of Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and the Arts are on a schedule of review and revision, which has been determined by the Minnesota Legislature. Revised standards in Mathematics were approved by the legislature in May 2008, and recently, the Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts were adopted by the state of MN. Edina Public Schools has incorporated these new academic standards into the curriculum through its regular curriculum development processes.

    The District continually reviews what and how students are taught. Student performance, as shown by a variety of assessment results, guides the District in deciding what needs to be done so that all students can be successful. The School Board, administration, and staff of EPS are committed to high student achievement and continuous improvement for all students. We believe that student achievement will be enhanced through: 

    • Improved communication with parents, students and the community;
    • Challenging curriculum that reflects best practices;
    • Professional learning opportunities appropriately designed to enhance the quality of 
    • Adequate fiscal resources to maintain program stability, appropriate facilities and 
equipment; and
    • Ongoing review of curriculum and instruction. 

    Edina Public Schools believes that academic standards, when embedded into the curriculum, help ensure that students will be critical thinkers, effective communicators, engaged learners, and responsible citizens. Students must know how to access, interpret and apply this information to solve the new problems an increasingly complex world will present.