Reservations for your banquet location and date should be made as soon as possible.  If possible, the reservation for the next season’s banquet would be made as the current season ends.  Many venues will book a year in advance and this alleviates any last minute issues for the next group. 

    Choose a date consistent with prior years – whether before or after the State contests – and make sure it is approved by the coach.  Avoid scheduling on major faith-based observances and after 6:00 pm on Wednesday evenings.  (School Board Policy 628 VII (J))  For fall sports, note that the Tuesday after the first Monday in November is NOT an option for any school activity due to voting. 

    Certificate of Insurance is required by some rental agreements and is provided by the Activities Office. 

    The Official Agent for rental signature is the Coach.

    Venues vary widely from a wedding feast at the Interlachen Country Club to an ice cream social at the EHS Cafeteria.  There is generally some tradition involved as to where the team lies on the spectrum.  Be sure and ask the coach before you make plans so that they are in agreement with the costs that will then be paid by parents or the sponsoring organization.  When contacting the venue, ask about alcohol and AV equipment (see below).  Some venues used in the past include:


    Approx Cost (2014)


    Batting Cages of MN

    $100/ hr


    Braemar Golf Course



    Colonial Church

    $150/ hr


    Edina Country Club

    Includes catering/ varies


    EHS Cafeteria



    Interlachen Country Club*

    Includes catering/ varies



    Includes catering/ varies


    St Patrick’s Mahon Center



    Various area Hotel Banquet Rooms



    * Membership is required to make reservation.