As a captains’ parent you are expected to support your student and support the coach so that they can spend the majority of their time managing the team. We strongly recommend that you direct parents to the school athletic website and sport specific page to stay informed.

    Typically the captains’ parents take on the following responsibilities:

    • Communicate with parents/athletes, coaches, HS activities office
    • Maintain a current web page at (https://www.edinaschools.org/hornets)
    • Enlist volunteers for a variety of team needs 
    • Manage the team finances
    • Plan and arrange for team events, such as team building activities, team dinners, senior and parent nights
    • Fundraise
    • Plan the year-end banquet

    You should meet with the coach and the prior season’s captains’ parent to learn about the specific traditions and events your team typically has, as well as any recommended changes. You can  build off last year’s footprint, but you also can change to meet new needs and new ideas.

    Pre-season you should create timeline of team/season events/duties keeping in mind other school activities, holidays etc…

    You should create a working budget and also decide, along with coach, the team assessment fee – based on previous year’s budget.

    Once registration occurs your coach should contact Activities Office to obtain registration list for your sport – roster info can be pulled from this list as team levels are announced.  You should check-in throughout the season to make sure the roster is current.