Captains are expected to be a leader on and off the court/field/track/pool, a role model within the community and school and a conduit between their team and their coaches. This means the Captains should:

    • Be a good role model – Honest • Dedicated • Inspiring • Respectful • Dependable
    • Abide by the drug, alcohol and hazing policy set by MSHSL
    • Attend/participate in all fundraisers
    • Lead by example and always strive to do your best
    • Recognize team needs
    • Help the team set goals
    • Speak your mind in a positive manner
    • Keep the team in line, both inside and outside of school
    • Focus on academics
    • Motivate others

    Captains should meet with coach pre-season to develop mutual expectations for the team and to understand their role as captain. Coaches will often expect the captains to handle the following responsibilities:

    • Arrange for and run captain’s practices pre-season
    • Communicate important information via social media (Twitter, Facebook, group messages, etc.)
    • Select, design and distribute spirit wear or optional apparel
    • Assist as team practices