Many teams will assess participants a fee at the beginning of the season to offset costs that are incurred by the team, but are not covered by the high school registration fee.

    The average team assesses each participant $100 to $150.  Teams may have higher or lower assessments based on their team budget.
    • Teams should have a plan in place to cover the cost of any participant that can’t afford the additional team assessment.
    • Coaches can’t alter or impact a participant’s playing time or position on the team for not paying a team assessment.
    • Participants requesting a fee waiver for the team assessment should work directly with the head coach.


    Typically assessments are used to pay for
    • Food before, during or after an event
    • Spirit and team building activities
    • Team events
    • Additional equipment
    • Additional photographers
    • Additional coaches
    • Upgraded transportation for overnight events
    • Hotel rooms for overnight events
    • Season ending team banquets
    • Coach gifts
    • Coach apparel
    • Senior day/gifts
    • Team awards