Some of the EHS sports have an established a non-profit charter. The benefit of non-profit status is to allow that sport to solicit donations that are tax-deductible to the donor.

    There are two alternative solutions to setting a non-profit organization that will enable your sport to solicit donations and offer the donor a tax donation.

    1. Edina Education Fund – they are willing to receive a donation on behalf of a specific team/sport under their 501(c) (3) charter.  Then they will send a check to your team in the same amount.  The benefit to your team will be to offer a willing donor to make a tax-exempt donation.  Due to the administrative burden, this option is only available to donations greater than $100.
    2. Edina Athletic Booster Club – they are willing to act in a similar fashion as the Edina Education Fund and are willing to facilitate tax-deductible donations greater than $500 under the following scenarios
      • An individual contribution.
      • A project based initiative.  Examples of this could include:  new swim starting blocks, new helmets, a new scoreboard, additional team equipment, etc...
      • Some institutions require a tax exempt id in order to participate in a fundraiser.  On example would be a Chipotle fundraiser were the team works with them, then Chipotle directs the funds to the booster board, who then passes it along to the appropriate team.