To establish your team’s budget you should meet with coach to determine likely costs to be incurred that are not covered by the high school. You should also meet with captain’s parents from the previous year to understand the expenses and fundraising requirements to meet the team’s needs.

    Determine what expenses the team will cover and what will be the obligation of each participant.  Some things to consider may include

    • Captain’s practice facility rental
    • Insurance for captain’s practice
    • Additional equipment
    • Additional coach salaries
    • Food before, during or after an event
    • Season ending team banquet
    • Team events
    • Photographers
    • Upgraded transportation for overnight events
    • Hotel rooms for overnight events
    • Coach gifts
    • Team awards

    You should also consider what fundraising programs has the team utilized in the past.  How much did they raise?  Do you need to enhance fundraising?  What new sources of money will you pursue?  Some examples include: hat sales, flower sales, car washes, golf cards, food sales, apparel, etc…


    The EABC allocates $300 per team to help offset costs associated with the team.  Be sure to remind the coach to request this to ensure that your team does not miss out on the contribution.