Many teams have found it useful to send a weekly email to all parents, coaches, and players as a means of ensuring that the most important information is highlighted on a weekly basis.  Sending a weekly email will require that coaches, captains, and captains’ parents are in regular communication to ensure that all of the most important information for the week ahead is contained in the weekly email.  One advantage of sending a weekly email is that it limits the number and frequency of emails, thereby increasing the chances that the communication will actually be read.  When there are too many emails, and they come at random times, the chances are increased that important information will be missed. 

    Some teams have found it helpful to appoint one captain’s parent who serves as the point person for sending out the weekly emails.  This parent is responsible for ensuring that all information from the coach(es) is included in the email.  As appropriate, some of the content from the weekly emails can be posted on the website so that it is easily accessible.