EHS requires a fee to register for a sport. The High School tries to keep the registration fee manageable for most students. If a family can’t afford the registration fee, a waiver form can be found on the activities website under the registration tab: https://www.edinaschools.org/Page/2202

    What is registration fee used for?

    • Lead coaches’ salaries
    • Transportation costs
    • Tournament fees
    • Uniforms
    • Officials
    • Most supplies and equipment
    • Rent for facilities
    • Professional development and coach training


    The registration fees charged by EHS, however, do not cover the full cost of any sport.  What is not included in registration fees?

    • Food
    • Dome or other practice space rental
    • Optional apparel (other than team uniform)
    • Any additional coaches’ salary
    • State tournament banquets
    • State tournament hotels if held in the Metro
    • Spirit and team building activities