The Edina High School athletics and activities website (https://www.edinaschools.org/hornets) is a fantastic resource which is available to every EHS team as a centralized hub that can be used to communicate not only to players, parents, and coaches, but also to the wider EHS community and beyond.  All EHS sports are divided on the website according to season (fall, winter, spring), and each sport is “pre-loaded” with a page that is ready to be customized according to each team’s needs. 

    It will be useful to appoint a team “webmaster” several weeks prior to the beginning of the season, so that adequate time is given for training by the EHS Activities Office on the use of the website.  The webmaster could be a coach, a captain’s parent, or another parent or student who has a particular interest and/or skill in managing a webpage.  In consultation with the team’s coach(es) and captain(s), decisions can be made as to the webpage content that will be most useful and appropriate.  Suggestions of content which might be appropriate for each team include:


    • Game Schedule(s) – these will be automatically transferred to the appropriate webpage from the Lake Conference website by the EHS athletic department
    • Team Roster
    • About the Coach(es)
    • Team Calendar
    • This Week’s Opponent – preview of upcoming game(s)
    • Game Results
    • Hornet Alumni – updates on team alumni currently playing at the next level
    • Team Photo Album
    • Concessions Schedule – information about volunteer staffing and procedures
    • Hornet Record Book – all-time records for both team and individual
    • Sports Medicine Information – concussion testing and protocol, trainer
    • Captains’ Parents – contact information
    • Links – sport-specific links to outside websites
    • Training – information and schedules
    • Off Season Work Outs
    • Off Season Leagues
    • Other Information – catch-all site for miscellaneous information


    If your team creates exciting and noteworthy news stories after games, email the Activities Office so the office can move the news story to the main page of the website.

    Additionally, captain’s parents are encouraged to check out the information contained in the section of the Hornet website which is designed for coaches.  To access this information, go to the “Activities Dept & Resources” heading on the homepage, and scroll down to “For Coaches.”  This section of the website contains a wealth of information that may be helpful for captains’ parents as they begin to gain an understanding of how their roles and responsibilities intersect with those of the coaches and the Activities Department.