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    • Reconciliation Reminder: Statement close is the 25th (or the next business day thereafter) of each month. Please be sure to complete your online monthly statement reconciliation within 7 days of the close date, print and sign the statement, and forward it to your supervisor with all original, detailed receipts. All approved statements and detailed receipts must be submitted to Business Services within 10 days from statement close each month. You may access your monthly online statement at https://access.usbank.com
    • Access Online Email Notification: Follow these instructions to get an automated email reminder from US Bank when your statement becomes available in Access Online. Quick Reference Guide
    • PLEASE NOTE: Do not print the reconciled statements from Access Online until statement close has occurred in order to ensure all transactions made during a statement period are included on your reconciliations. You will know that the statement has closed when a date appears after "Cycle End Date," rather than it saying “Open."
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