• Information for Teachers

  • CRP 3-Step Process:


    Submit Request
    • Requests must be submitted 30 days (at minimum) in advance. Please note: themed events such as career panels, May Term, etc. require additional lead time and 60-90 days notice is preferred.   
    • When you submit your request, include as much information as possible including dates/times to avoid scheduling conflicts.
    • When the request is filled, CRP will send the confirmation via email. Included on the confirmation are the resource information, time/date, and any specifics necessary.  The school office and the resource also get a copy.
    Click here to submit your request.
    Confirm with Resource/Guest Speaker
    Confirm with the resource at least one week in advance.
    • This is your opportunity to communicate your specific curriculum expectations and determine any needs the resource has in order to make the most out of the presentation.
    • Please verify with the resource the date, time, and location. 
    • What set up needs does the speaker have?
    • If a fee is required, determine payment stipulations
    • If the presentation needs to be cancelled, please notify CRP and the school office. 
    Use the online teacher feedback form to help ensure that resource speakers are providing the enhancement to the curriculum that was requested. Often times resource speakers visit multiple schools and classrooms in the district.