• Information for Teachers

  • CRP 3-Step Process:

    Submit Request
    • Requests must be submitted 30 days (at minimum) in advance. Please note: themed events such as career panels, May Term, etc. require additional lead time and 60-90 days notice is preferred.   
    • When you submit your request, include as much information as possible including dates/times to avoid scheduling conflicts.
    • When the request is filled, CRP will send the confirmation via email. Included on the confirmation are the resource information, time/date, and any specifics necessary.  The school office and the resource also get a copy.
    Click here to submit your request.
    Confirm with Resource/Guest Speaker
    Confirm with the resource at least one week in advance.
    • This is your opportunity to communicate your specific curriculum expectations and determine any needs the resource has in order to make the most out of the presentation.
    • Please verify with the resource the date, time, and location. 
    • What set up needs does the speaker have?
    • If a fee is required, determine payment stipulations
    • If the presentation needs to be cancelled, please notify CRP and the school office.