• See the break down of Activities Office Operations so you know who to contact when you have a question.
    Troy SteinTBD (Troy or Joe) Joe Burger
    Activities & Athletics Director Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant
     Pre and Post Season Meetings Coaching Contracts &  rSchool Scheduling &
     Coach Assessment     Post Season Pay       Game Contracts
    Coaches CER Certification
    Purchase Orders (P.O.'s) Registration Process
    All Job Postings
    Invoices Communications
    Hiring Process
    Monitor Budgets    Website, Monitors, Marquee, 
    Program Development
    Process Activities & Athletics    School Board Commendations
       Budget paperwork Student Information
    MSHSL Eligibility 
    Coordinate Event Workers Student Violations & Transfers
    (Transfers & Foreign Exchange)
    Event Payment Process Grades to Coaches
    Academic/Chemical Violations
    Donations Transportation
    Conflict Resolution   New Hire Paperwork
    Early Releases/Announcements
    Public Relations

    Captains Parents
    Communications Coordinator
    Fine Arts Coordination
    Activity Finances    Clubs, IP's Registration Process

    MSHSL Rosters

    Officials & Vouchers


    Facilities Support