Have Fun

    Develop skills

    Bring out the best synchronized swimmer in each athlete

    Build friendships

    Represent Edina


    We understand the demands placed on student athletes who want to succeed in all areas and we will do everything that we can to help you balance these demands and reach academic and synchronized swimming excellence.


    Being at your designated practice when you are scheduled is key in the sport of synchronized swimming. Our sport is directly affected when team members are missing. Saturdays will be specifically designated as learning the routine day, we will do our best to work with weekly conflicts when scheduling the day. Please fill in all conflicts on the “time conflict” sheet.

    Swimmers are to stay at all meets until the visitors leave. To participate in a meet the swimmer must be at practice the day before and in attendance at school. To be considered “in attendance” you must be in school the first four periods of the day or the last four periods of the school day. If you are out of school for a “school related purpose” than you are considered in attendance.

    The swimmers must be available for the 2019 section and state meets (Saturday May 11(Section & State Figures), Saturday May 18 section routines, Thursday May 23 State & Friday May 24 State  

    LEAVING A MEET WITH A PARENT OR GUARDIAN: Swimmers are expected to ride the team bus to and from away meets.

    ·         Excused pick up by: a parent, guardian or driving themselves.  Email the team email address, edinasynchro@gmail.com, by noon, on the meet day.

    ·         Excused pick up by: another parent. An “Alternative Transportation Permission Slip” must be signed by the High School Athletic office by noon the day before the meet. The signed copy of this form needs to be given to the designated coach before the swimmer leaves the meet. This form is on the HS Athletics and Edina synchro webpages. Swimmers can’t drive other swimmers.

    LETTERING: To letter a swimmer must do (1) of the following:

    Place 1-7 in a Figure Competition, during a Varsity Figure Meet vs Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Wayzata or a Non-Conference team.

    Qualify for the State Meet by placing 1-4 in a routine (solo, duet trio or team), at the Section Competition held May 17th and 19th.

    Place 1-7 in figures, at the section competition, in your division. Short, Long or Extended divisions at the Section Meet on May 17th and 19th.

    Being an alternate swimmer, who learn the entire routine, on a state qualifying routine.

    Being a swimmer who has completed 3 seasons on the team.