• What is Synchronized Swimming?

    Synchronized swimming is the execution of precise movements on, above and beneath the water while performing to music. Add to this the combination of grace, fluidity and synchronization with an entire team and you have just imagined synchronized swimming.


    Events: The high school season is broken up into two parts. The first half of the season is dedicated to figures, where the swimmer must perform several precise body movements without music in front of a panel of judges. The second half of the season is dedicated to routines; they are executed to music in the following events.


    In synchronized swimming, there are four different events.

    • Solo (single swimmer)

    • Duet (2 swimmers)

    • Trio (3 Swimmers)

    • Team (4-8 swimmers)


      At section and state competition the routines will be divided into divisions.

    • Short (swimmers will generally compete in the short division until they place top 7 at State)

    • Long (Girls placing top 7, at state, in the short division, will move up into long.  You can place in any event category an need to move up.

    • Extended (Girls placing top 7, at state, in the long division. To move up into extended you need to place in each specific event category.)


      High School Figures

      JV: All first year swimmers (Exceptions can be made for swimmers with years of synchro experience)

      Ballet Leg

      Back Tuck Somersault

      Front Pike Somersault

      An Optional Figure (Each week they will learn and perform one of the Varsity Figures)

    • The JV figures will only be performed during the first 2 or 3 meets


      Varsity (All returning swimmers)

      Ballet Leg

      Walkover Front

      Kip (2020 seasons)

      Heron (2020 seasons)


      Equipment Needed:

      Practice suits, goggles, caps, nose clips, one solid black suit, and a plain white cap for figure competition. The coaches have nose plugs and white latex caps to sell at the pool for $2.


      Routine competition suits: Routine suits are custom made or store bought (Ranging $25-$160 each) with some adding of embellishments. Headpiece will be made for each routine (Team headpieces are include with the team booster fee)


      Practice Schedule:

      Synchronized Swimming at Edina is a Varsity sport. All swimmers will practice 6 days a week. A more detailed look at practice times can be found on the team calendar.


      What are those judges looking for?


      50% Design (Design is the accuracy of positions and transitions as specified in the figure description.)

      50% Control (Control includes extension, height, stability, clarity and uniform motion, as specified.)



      Technical Merit

      Solos   Duets/Trios/Teams

      50%      40%                              Execution (Strokes, figures, transitions, propulsion, techniques, precision of patterns)

      10%      30%                              Synchronization (with one another, with music)

      40%      30%                              Difficulty (Strokes, figures or parts there of, patterns and transitions)

      Artistic Impression

      Solos   Duets/Trios/Teams

      50%      50%                              Choreography (Variety, creativity, pool coverage, pool patterns, transitions)

      20%      30%                              Music Interpretation (Use of music)

               30%      20%                              Manner of Presentation (Poise, charisma, confidence, command of performance, connection to audience)