• Information for Volunteers

  • Making the Presentation a Success


    Getting Ready

    • Call the teacher prior to your presentation to discuss the topic and the expectations. If set up time or equipment will be needed, please clarify with the teacher.
    • Gather visual materials and props for your presentation. Students learn best from real objects, pictures, models and /or stories.
    • If you are bringing hand-outs, create age and subject appropriate materials. It is best to hand out the materials at the end of the presentation, as not to cause the students from getting distracted.

    Getting There

    • Your confirmation includes the name of the school and the address. 
    • Allow yourself ample time to park, sign in at the school office, and set up for your presentation. Whenever possible, park in the reserved visitor parking spaces.
    • On days where weather is a concern, please review the district emergency school closing information.

    During the Presentation

    • Introduce yourself to the students. They are interested in who you are, what you do and how you became interested and knowledgeable about the topic.
    • Involve the students during the presentation. Asking them questions or seeking a volunteer for a demonstration helps to keep them engaged.
    • Make the topic real by relaying personal anecdotes or telling stories.
    • Keep it simple! 
    • Allow some time towards the end for questions the students may have.