• Edina Volunteer Program

  • Volunteer Hands Our Commitment

    Edina Public Schools is committed to using volunteers to promote and strengthen partnerships between the school and the community as well as to help personalize instruction and enrich curriculum for all learners. For more information, please review School Board Policy 911.

    The volunteer program will:

    • Enrich the curriculum;
    • Enhance students’ learning opportunities;
    • Offer individual attention to students;
    • Increase students’ self-esteem and motivation to learn;
    • Provide satisfying opportunities for community members;
    • Strengthen community partnerships;
    • Provide a multigenerational learning experience; and
    • Support efforts to achieve district academic standards.
    We are committed to working with you to ensure volunteering is a rewarding experience for everyone. Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Edina Public Schools!

    Why Volunteer? 

    • Personal satisfaction
    • Improved self-esteem and sense of accomplishment
    • Opportunities to learn
    • Greater knowledge/understanding of school system
    • Work Experience 


    Volunteers How to Become a Volunteer 

    1. Application (9th grade or older)
    2. Orientation and background check 
    3. Follow-through and Feedback
    4. Recognition as applicable
    Volunteer Placement: After you complete your application and orientation, we strive to make the best match possible between our current volunteer opportunities and your interests and availability. If you need to make a change in your assignment for any reason, please speak to the Edina Volunteer Program staff.

    Orientation: Prior to starting your volunteer experience, appropriate preparation and training will be provided. Make sure you feel comfortable with the assignment given to you, or ask more questions to gain clarity as we want to make sure you feel prepared and ready to engage.

    Feedback: We respect your commitment and will make every effort to use your time efficiently and effectively. We will be asking you to complete an evaluation survey periodically or may ask for informal feedback in person or via email. Your suggestions, comments, and thoughts are very important to us. 


    Hands Circle Volunteer Opportunities

    • Classroom support (i.e. reading, math, art)
    • Before or after school academic support
    • One-On-One student mentorship
    • Non-academic support
    • Media Center support
    • Special event support
    • And more! 
    The Edina Volunteer program strives to create a schedule that meets your needs. You can volunteer in the morning, afternoon or after school as well as on a weekly, monthly or one-time basis. 
    Get Started!  
    Community Member Please Note: Community members are required to complete a background check.  A background check form will be sent to you after you have submitted your application.