• Edina Public Schools Volunteer Program

    Request a Volunteer: Information for EPS Staff 

  • Quality volunteers are only half of an effective volunteer program. Dedicated staff are the other part. Teachers and school staff are trained to engage and teach children, and volunteers can enrich this process. One’s effectiveness in using volunteers can enhance and complement the learning experience provided in our school district. The Edina Volunteer Program works well when there is open and positive communication between volunteers and staff, notification of absences, appropriate matches to positions, and materials and responsibilities provided to the volunteer. We strive to support your needs, provide you with quality volunteers, and evaluate best practices often.

    Staff responsibilities in our effective volunteer program include:

    • Understanding the purpose of our program
    • Understanding techniques for preparing volunteers
    • Integrating volunteers into our classrooms and work
    • Managing volunteer time
    • Communicating with volunteers
    • Thanking volunteers
    • Evaluating the volunteer program

    Where can you use a volunteer?

    • Classroom support (i.e. reading, math, English, art)
    • One-On-One student support
    • Clerical Volunteer
    • Edina Family Center support
    • Media Center support
    • After school Homework Help program support
    • Before and after school Success Center support
    • Reading Buddy support
    • One-time special project or event support
    • And more! Let us know what your needs are and the EVP will try and accommodate your request. 

    Request a Volunteer

    As you develop your plans for the year, identify:

    1. Your needs and corresponding volunteer jobs;
    2. How much time these jobs will require; and
    3. What day(s) and hour(s) you need the volunteer.  

    Write a Volunteer Job Description

    Recruitment is more successful when a volunteer can be provided clear information about the job responsibilities and commitment expected. A request for a volunteer should include job description, objectives, responsibilities, and training required. Time commitment (whether one time, daily, weekly, morning, afternoon, or weekend) will help the recruitment process as well. Be as specific, clear and as objective as possible in submitting your request.  

    Community Volunteer Program Tips

    • When you submit your request, include as much information as possible.
    • Submit your requests as early as you can.
    • Confirm with the volunteer in advance. This is your opportunity to communicate your specific expectations and give the volunteer any insight that would be helpful.
    • Prepare materials that the volunteer will need.
    • Have adequate space for the volunteer to work effectively with students.
    • All volunteers must be supervised by staff at all times (District Policy 911)

    Request Form

    Once you have determined the factors above, you are ready to share this information with the Edina Volunteer Program. Click here to complete the request for volunteer form

a volunteer and as student look at the camera