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  • Volunteer Hands Thank You!

    Thank you for volunteering for the Public Schools. You are making an important contribution to our school district and its students, and we want you to know that we value your time, energy and expertise.

    These are exciting times in our District. The reforms and challenges of the last several years are transforming our system, allowing us to focus on individualizing and personalizing instruction for every child we serve.   

    Our work is being driven by a well-defined mission statement – to educate all learners. Edina Public Schools has a tradition of being an educational leader at the State and National levels. We take pride in delivering a rigorous, well-rounded education to all students. Through the collaborative efforts of school, family and community, we are well positioned to meet our student’s needs.  


    Tips for Volunteering 

    The most valuable thing you have to offer, as a volunteer, is your friendliness and caring.
    • Learning a student’s name is very important. Call the students by name at every opportunity. 
    • Demonstrate your interest in the students by asking them about their activities and LISTENING.
    • Closely observe the teacher to see how he/she works with students and try to model. Consistency for students will enrich their experience.
    • Help build students’ self-confidence by pointing out the improvement you see in their work, manner, etc. Praise student honestly and often. 
    • Be positive, patient and reassuring. It may take time to find your niche. 
    • Accept students as they are. Be ready to accept differences in background, culture, values and vocabulary.
    • Be comfortable with silences. Allow students time to think and form answers. 
    • If you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to say so to students. 
    • Keep calm and talk in a quiet controlled voice. 
    • Above all, maintain your sense of humor and enjoy yourself. 


    Volunteer Handbook


    Click here to download the Volunteer Handbook (PDF)