• Lacrosse is an East Coast dominated sport that is continuing to grow across the country. To be recruited from a "non-hot bed" area, College Lacrosse Coaches are looking for Multi-Sport Athletes. If you are interested in playing College Lacrosse, it would benefit you to play Varsity in at least 1 other sport. 
    • College coach's do not travel to Minnesota. Recruiting camps are the best way to be seen.... however.... before attending any recruiting type camp you should proactively reach out to the Coach of the schools you are interested in. Send them an email that includes your Name, Contact Information, Grades, Testing Scores, Team Information, Position, Stats, and include a highlight video.
    • The process starts as early as your Freshman season and will continue until your Senior Season
    • Elite Club Travel teams are a great vehicle to develop as a lacrosse player and to gain exposure to college coach's. There are several Elite Travel teams in the Minneapolis area, please contact Coach Wells if you have any questions.
    • Scholarships are extremely limited. A fully-funded college team has 12.5 scholarships and a typical team has 45 players. Only a very small percentage of college lacrosse players receive a scholarship
    • College Lacrosse is a great experience but is a very different experience than other college students. Are you prepared to put in the effort and sacrifices needed to be successful at the college level? There will be a significantly higher level of commitment required at the college level.
    • What are your expectations --- Playing time as a freshman? Playing for a winning program? Playing Division I, II, or III? Getting into the best school possible? Have this conversation with your parents and your coach's.