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    2018-2019 School Year


    Wednesday, Mar. 6  @ 8am                       PTO Meeting/Up Close with Principal Andy Beaton
    DATE TBD                                                Parent Teacher Conference Hospitality & PTO Member Sign-up Table

    Wednesday, Apr. 3 @ 8am                        PTO Meeting

    April 1 or April 8  6 - 9 pm                        NOT ME! Girls Self-Defense Program FICK Auditorium- Visit NotMetraining.com 
                                                                  Registration link here  WAIVER form to sign and submit $20 payment per person
                                                                  $40 parent/daughter
    Cancelled due to low interest                     NOT ME! Boys Program - If interested in a class for males please contact via
                                                                  EMAIL Kelly at "Not Me Training"  

    April 9   6:30- 8 pm                                The Fallacy of Perfect Parenting, EHS Fick Auditorium
                                                                 Presented by the Family Recovery Resource Experts,
                                                                 Free event open to community

    April 17, Time TBD                                   Transition to EHS - Forum  Meet in Fick Auditorium, EHS

    April 18, Time TBD                                  College Search Process, Fick Auditorium

    Wednesday, May 8 @ 8am                        PTO Meeting
    MAY 8                                                     Transition to College Forum - ECC Room 205
    DATE TBD                                                Academic Awards Breakfast
    DATE TBD                                                Scholarship Breakfast

    Wednesday*, June 5 @ 8am 
    *Tentative                                               Transition PTO Meeting


    PAST DATES AS OF MARCH. 12, 2019

    Monday, Aug.  27th @ 12pm – 8pm              Get Connected Day
    Thursday, Aug. 30th @ 4pm – 8pm               EHS Open House Membership Table

    Wednesday, Sep. 5th @ 8am                       PTO Meeting, &
                                                                     Get Connected Make-up Day

    Wednesday, Oct. 3 @ 8am                         PTO Meeting/Coffee with Principal                                                     
    Thursday, Oct. 11 TIME TBD                      Parent Teacher Conference Hospitality & PTO Member Sign-up Table

    Wednesday, Nov. 7 @ 8am                        PTO Meeting                                       

    Wednesday, Dec. 5 @ 8am                        PTO Meeting

    Dec. 17 -    Community forum on Student Mental Health by Jeff Jorgensen, Director of Student Support Services 
    See District web site for details on place/time.

    Wednesday, Jan. 9 @ 8am                        PTO Meeting                       

    Friday, Feb. 1st  7:30-8:30 am Coffee;      Edina Education Fund "Cake-Off" Fundraiser
    10 am - Noon Brunch
    St. Patrick's Church, 6820 Saint Patrick's Lane, Edina

    Wednesday, Feb. 6  @ 8am                       PTO Meeting      

    Tuesday, Feb. 26, 7:30 pm-8:30 pm          Vaping Educational Forum  Presentation and Q&A

    Learn about the vaping epidemic, parent/teacher concerns, and health warnings. Formal Presentation and Parent Q&A. Speakers: Andy Beaton, Principal; Joe Delgehausen, Edina Police School Resource Officer; and Chris Lawler, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor