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    • Illustrated glossary You might want to start here with health coverage terms, provided by PreferredOne.  
      It includes visual examples of how you and your insurer share costs.
    • Benefits 101 Guide from PlanSource 
    • FAQ FLYER from PlanSource : Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Benefit Questions

    Links to Research Health Care Costs

    • www.healthgrades.com for physician and hospital ratings and quality data, plus cost information for a variety of medical procedures.
    • www.newchoicehealth.com for estimated costs for various procedures by region or provider. Plus, request a procedure price quote from local providers.
    • www.healthcarebluebook.com for a suggested, fair price for a service based on a database of rates paid by private insurers.

    PlanSource Articles and Resources

    Benefit and insurance issues important to you, plus health and wellness tips for your work, home and life - brought to you by the insurance specialists at PlanSource, Inc.

    Asuntos de beneficios y seguros importantes para usted, y consejos para la salud y el bienestar en el trabajo, el hogar y la vida, presentados por especialistas en prevención de PlanSource, Inc.

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