• Edina Nordic Ski Team Practices FAQ

    Where and when are practices?

    The practice schedule will normally be included in the weekly Edina Nordic ski email communication.  Unless stated in the email, every member of the team is expected to attend all practices.  The one exception is that Wednesday practices are optional for 7th and 8th graders.

    On most school days, practices are held from 3:30-5:00 PM at Edina High School.  The locker room and the wax room (ski storage) are located on the first level of Edina High School.  On the floor plan of EHS, the wax room is located near room 106.  Students meet at the beginning of practice at door #8 (see EHS/VVMS door map). 

    The Hornet Hiihto ski trails are located on the fields north of the high school and then east toward the water tower by Creek Valley elementary school.  Here is a map of the trails

    Students are typically picked up from practice at door #8 (EHS/VVMS door map). 

    Do we practice on non-school days?

    Yes, practices are held on non-school days.  If the practice is being held at the high school, the weekly email communication will state whether the school will be open to retrieve your skis from the wax room.  If the practice is not at the high school, you will need to plan ahead to make sure you will have your equipment.

    What do I need to bring to practice?

    Practices are held outside, so weather appropriate workout clothes are needed.  For dryland practices, running shoes are must. Skiers with roller ski should talk to the coach about bringing them to practice.  When snow is available, ski equipment is obviously needed.  A ski bag is required to store skis and poles in the wax room.

    Do they cancel practice for bad or cold weather?

    An email and/or tweet will be sent out to inform skiers if practice is canceled because of bad/cold weather.

    What if I am not able to come to practice?

    Ideally, skiers will make it to practice every day.  If you are unable to make it to a practice,you should notify your coach 

    How do Southview students get to practice?

    Southview students take the activity bus that drops them off at the EHS/Valley View campus.  The schedule for the activity bus is located here. The current schedule picks up Southview students at 2:54 PM at door #1 (the door nearest the Southview office) and drops them off at 3:05 PM at Valley View door #16 (EHS/VVMSdoor map).  Students can either walk outside to door #8 or take a longer route and walk inside the buildings to get out of the cold.

    How do I bring my skis to practice?

    Skis are not permitted on the regular bus to schools,although some skiers have reported that their bus driver allows them to bring their skis on the bus.  Skis are allowed on the activity bus that Southview students ride to the high school.  The typical method of bringing skis to schools is for the student to be driven to school with their skis.  Here is the next step for each of the schools:

    ·     Southview  -- Students need to store their skis in a classroom for the day.  This will require that they make arrangements with the classroom’s teacher.

    ·     Valley View – Students store their skis in the Valley View locker room.

    ·     High School – Students should bring their skis to the wax room in the morning.  Captains or other experienced skiers will open up the wax room on Monday (or the first school day of the week) before school starts.  If the wax room is not open when the student brings their ski, they will need to go to the Activities/Athletic Office to have someone open it up.  Also, if you are a nice older brother/sister you will be bringing your middle school sibling’s skis to the wax room.

    Where do I keep my ski boots and clothes?

    Skiers will be given a locker to store their clothes and ski boots.  If you have a problem with your locker, please contact a coach, a captain, or an experienced skier to help you out.  You need to lock your stuff in your locker during practice.

    What should I know about storing my skis at school?

    A ski bag is required to store your skis at the high school.  It is a good idea to have a distinguishing feature on you ski bag, so you can pick it out quickly from the other identical looking ski bags. The wax room has reached its capacity, so there is another storage location near the wax room that is being used to store skis.

    If you plan to ski on the weekend or during holiday break, you need to bring your skis home after practice.  It is next to impossible to get into the wax room during a non-school day.

    Why don’t we take a bus to a place like Hyland to practice?

    We are lucky to have trails at the high school to practice, so it is not necessary to travel to practice at area ski trails.  Here are the reasons why it is difficult to practice at area besides the high school:

    • Cost of buses - The team has to pay for the bus ride and they are expensive.  The cost of the buses is paid by the Edina Nordic ski booster funds and not the school district.
    • Lack of sunlight – By the time the bus arrives to a ski trail, there is only a short time to practice before it gets dark.
    • Three Rivers practice allocations - High school teams need to sign up with Three Rivers to practice at a park. For a large team like Edina, this means that only one or possibly two practice slots would be available each week.
    • Trail Passes – To keep costs down, Three Rivers ski passes are optional for skiers, so not everybody would be able to practice offsite.