• Ski Trail Passes 


    Three Rivers trail pass to skiers is $37.50 (which is a 50% discount!).  The daily ski trail pass rate is $9. This pass is good for all Three Rivers Parks trails, including Hyland Lake Park Reserve.  Hyland Lake Park Reserve offers 9.5 miles of groomed trails (5.3 miles lighted, 3.3 miles snowmaking). 

    Minneapolis Parks trail pass to skiers is $37.50 (which is a 50% discount!). The daily ski trail pass rate is $20.  This pass is good for all Minneapolis Parks, including Theodore Wirth Park. Theodore Wirth Park offers 20+ miles of groomed trails (6 miles snowmaking).




    What are ski trail passes?

    Three Rivers Park District and Minneapolis Parks each charge a fee for skiing on their cross country ski trails.  Skiers can either pay for a daily pass or buy a season pass. The proceeds from the sale of trail passes help pay for maintenance of the trails at the parks. 


    Do I need to buy a trail pass?

    Gold Group is required to purchase Three Rivers trail pass. For all other skiers, the Three Rivers trail pass is optional.  

    Minneapolis Parks trail pass are optional for all skiers.


    Do I want to buy a trail pass?

    A skier that wants to improve their Nordic skiing ability will ski on the weekends and during holiday breaks.   Hyland Lake Park (Three Rivers Parks) and Theodore Wirth Park (Minneapolis Parks) are both great trails close to Edina and very good places to ski. They each have lighted trails and make snow.  Unless you live near a Minneapolis Park ski trail, it is suggested to get a Three Rivers pass rather than a Minneapolis Parks pass.  More advanced skiers should consider a Minneapolis Parks pass since Theodore Wirth has a significant number of hills for training.


    What do I need to know about trail passes?

    ·          Do not lose your trail pass.  You need to pay to replace it.

    ·          It is recommended to put your phone number on the pass.  Your name will already be on the pass.

    ·          A ski pass is not needed at ski meets.

    ·          Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

    ·          The trail pass holder must have their pass at all times when using the ski trails (Except at meets).

    ·          If the pass is forgotten, the skier will be requested to purchase a day pass at full price.

    ·          Three Rivers Park District, Minneapolis Parks, and/or Edina Nordic Ski Booster Club are not responsible for lost or stolen passes.


    Where and when do I buy a trail pass?

    If you decide to buy a trail pass, add the fee to the registration form you submit at the Kick-off meeting or mail it in.   Last day to order a pass is November 17,2017.


    How should I display my trail pass?

    An Edina Nordic ski lanyard with a safety breakaway release will be given to all skiers who purchase a trail pass.  It is better to use a lanyard than affixing the pass to a jacket or pants, since you may wear different clothes depending on the weather.


    Where are Three Rivers Parks Ski Trails?

    Baker Park Reserve   
    Glen Lake Golf & Practice Center
    Hyland Lake Park Reserve 
    Cleary Lake Regional Park 
    Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve 
    Carver Park Reserve
    Elm Creek Park Reserve 
    French Regional Park
    Eagle Lake Regional Park 


    Where are Minneapolis Parks Ski Trails?

    Theodore Wirth Golf Course
    Columbia Golf Course
    Gross Golf Course
    Hiawatha Golf Course


    Can parents also buy trail passes from the team?

    No. Three Rivers plainly states that passes cannot be purchased for parents or other family members. There is not a non-student discount for Minneapolis Parks ski passes.