I. Coach Expectations (Teach, Excite, Motivate) 


    a.     Treat players, parents and officials with respect. We will act as an example for players.

    b.     Teach the game of lacrosse to all players

    c.     Teach players how to be part of a team and work towards a common goal

    d.     Identify the best players and put the team in a position to be successful


    II. Player Expectations

    a.     Great attitude combined with great energy

    b.     Playing time is earned during practice 

    c.     Practice is Mandatory, Late is Unacceptable - arrive 10-15 minutes prior to start of practice

    d.     Lacrosse is the In-Season sport and should take priority over other activities. If you foresee a conflict, please notify your coach well in advance.


    III. Parent Expectations

    a.     Be supportive of your daughter, your coaches, the team, and the program

    b.     Parents are not expected to contact coaches. All questions should come through the player

    1st Meeting – Player and Coach outside of practice (before or after)

    2nd Meeting – Parent, Player, and Coach outside of practice

    3rd Meeting – Parent, Player, Coach, Athletic Director outside of practice